There were a lot of very funny people sharing the screen with Amy Schumer in this summer’s hit movie Trainwreck, but only one of them was a current SNL cast member who could reunite with her on the small screen for a very funny, very silly sketch. We didn’t think we’d be so happy to see Schumer and Vanessa Bayer sharing the screen again, but we underestimated how much we enjoyed this duo on the big screen, even though they only shared a few scenes together.

The sketch itself feels like classic SNL. It isn’t a talk show or game show parody. There are no celebrity impersonations. It doesn’t follow any of the templates or formulas that the show often finds itself leaning on. It’s just four minutes of weird, funny character work, perfectly played by Schumer and Bayer.

The set-up is delightfully strange: our two leading ladies are attendants on a Delta flight who have an elaborate safety presentation built around a song parody (we’ll let you discover that for yourself), but their routine is interrupted when the door to the plane opens and Bayer is almost sucked out to her death. Both women try to proceed with their presentation, but they’re newly traumatized and just can’t even.

This is comedy for comedy’s sake. It’s a collection of good jokes supported by people getting to play characters with range. It looks really nice on you, SNL.