Ol’ Spicey gave us a taste of Melissa McCarthy’s SNL return this weekend (from another coast at that), presumably warming up for the comic actress’ full-fledged return in May. Don’t expect Sean Spicer to actually weigh in on the episode, as the White House Press Secretary claims not to watch any of the show (his boss would probably get mad).

Following McCarthy’s Easter return to the Spicer impression this past weekend, the actual Spicer spoke to CNN’s Jim Acosta at the equally absurd White House Easter Egg Roll. Previously, the embattled Press Secretary showed good sportsmanship with McCarthy’s impression, but now brushed off that he even keeps an eye open for it:

I’m usually fast asleep by the time that comes on. I’m in bed, get up, go to church next day, and look ahead … my focus is on advancing the president’s agenda and his policies. And, you know, we live in a great world that people can say and do what they want because of the First Amendment, and that’s what makes this such a great country.

Nope, nothing ominously foreboding there.

In either case, we’re sure to see Spicey back in action for Season 42’s ante-penultimate episode, which itself will be broadcast live coast-to-coast for wherever the real Spicer finds himself. SNL will next return on May 6 with Chris Pine, so stay tuned.

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