When you've got Daniel Craig hosting SNL, how could you not do a James Bond parody? Last night's episode featured a sketch that is sure to tickle both 007 fans and fans of near-perfect impressions: a look back at some of the, uh, lesser known ladies of the Bond universe.

Flying from decade to decade and from Bond to Bond, the sketch imagines an alternate universe where the likes of Jodie Foster, Molly Ringwald, Lea Michele and others were cast as the love interests in James Bond films. It's probably the only time you'll get to see Diane Keaton (in full Annie Hall attire) chatting with Sean Connery's preposterously hairy James Bond, so that alone justifies the three minutes it'll take to watch the clip embedded below.

Daniel Craig handles himself rather well (for a man who always looks ready to punch someone) and is a perfect straight man to the absurd situations the sketch asks him to take part in. The final "lost Bond girl" that Craig interacts with is from the far side of bizarre, so kudos to Craig for actually being willing to subject himself to it. It's always nice to know that our greatest stars have no shame.