Sony is moving forward with their Bloodshot superhero movie, and according to a new report they already have an all-star wishlist of actors to play the part. Since they settled on a director at the beginning of March — visual effects boss Dave Wilson — production has been off and running ever since. And it looks like Sony is looking for star power to launch this relatively unknown character.

According to The Wrap, Sony’s wishlist for Bloodshot includes Oscar Isaac, no stranger to the comic book universe, Mark Wahlberg, who’ll be completing his Transformers run this summer, James McAvoy, Jake Gyllenhall, and Nicholas Hoult. All of these actors are by now household names (with the exception of Hoult, but fans of the X-Men series would recognize him), so Sony is definitely trying to get an established star for this character.

Bloodshot is a former soldier who was revived and injected with nanotechnology to make him the ultimate killing machine. Once he learns he has a past (his memories were systematically wiped during his transformation), he Jason Bournes it out of the facility to find out who he is and where he comes from. His first appearance was published by Valiant Comics in 1992.

There’s no telling which of these actors will bite, but we can tell from this that Sony is serious about this project and is looking to headline the movie with real star power to make up for the lack of the subject’s name recognition.

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