We haven’t heard much about the Bloodshot movie since the guys behind John Wick left the project some time back. It’s a bit of a tricky property to adapt, since the fan following isn’t huge and the characters aren’t household names like the Justice League or the Avengers. The company that owns Bloodshot, Valiant Comics, has only been around since the ’90s. But now the movie is slowly picking up some steam, as it has just acquired Dave Wilson as a director.

The news comes out of Emerald City Comic Con (thanks to Bleeding Cool). Wilson is Tim Miller’s partner at Blur Studios, a visual effects company behind a bunch of video game trailers and one Star Wars short film. Tim Miller, you may recall, is one of the guys who got the first Deadpool movie off the ground, which probably hasn’t gone unnoticed by Sony. Bloodshot will be Wilson’s first feature.

Blooodshot is the story of a former soldier who’s got superhuman abilities because of tiny nanites injected into his blood. He’s lost his memory and has set out to find out what happened to him — so basically a superhero Jason Bourne. The movie has been in development for a few years, and a new draft of the screenplay has just been completed, according to /Film. No cast has been announced yet, and it’s not on Sony’s release schedule, but now that there’s a director attached, production is off and rolling.

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