One of the most interesting features Sony touted during its PlayStation 4 unveiling was remote play with the PS Vita. It wasn't clear at the time if every game would allow you to play away from the console, but now reports have surfaced indicating Sony is making Vita remote play mandatory for all PlayStation 4 games.

Make no bones about it, the PlayStation Vita has continually struggled to find an audience, even after Sony's insistence the portable device wasn't going anywhere any time soon. It's likely going to pick up some steam later this year though when the PlayStation 4 arrives, and the new remote play feature is available.

Sources speaking with Digital Foundry (via Eurogamer) have revealed all games on the PlayStation 4 must work with the Vita's remote play option. Not a handful of games. Not select games. Not Sony's own first-party titles. Every single game developed for the next generation console. Well, almost. The only games excluded from this rule will reportedly be those that rely on the PS4 Eye for control.

Remote play will work better on the PS4 in conjunction with the Vita thanks in large part to the new cloud streaming tech provided by Gaikai. The game is streamed from 1080p to the Vita's 960x544 resolution using the PlayStation 4's h.264 video encoder. That signal is processed over Wi-Fi, where the Vita decodes the information, and is able to send back controller input to the PS4. It should be much more impressive than the disappointing PS3 to PSP remote play options, and might make the Vita the go-to accessory for PS4 purchasers 'round the world.

All that said, the feature still must be executed well to make a difference. We won't know just how good the Vita's remote play really is until the PlayStation 4 and its games start arriving later this year.