Of all the films to get a sequel, Duncan Jones’ 2011 sci-fi film ‘Source Code’ is not one that we were expecting—not that that’s necessarily a bad thing. We're always down for more scenes of Jeffrey Wright explaining the intricacies of the source code! Jones will not be returning to direct the sequel, however, as that job belongs to Anna Foerster, director of the new Starz series ‘Outlander.’

Variety reports that the sequel is in development, with Foerster directing from a screenplay by ‘Source Code’ scribe Ben Ripley. Foerster has also long worked as director of photography for Roland Emmerich on films like ‘White House Down,’ ‘Anonymous,’ and ‘The Day After Tomorrow.’ ‘Source Code’ centered on soldier Colter Stevens, played by Jake Gyllenhaal, who is tasked by a secret government agency to travel back in time and relive the same eight minutes over and over until he can successfully retrieve the information necessary to prevent a horrible disaster from occurring. While in the past, Stevens meets and falls for a lovely woman, played by Michelle Monaghan, who helps him on his mission, and the pair of them making a shocking discovery about the program.

It’s unclear whether Duncan Jones will be involved in any capacity with the sequel, as he’s currently heavily occupied with his ‘Warcraft’ adaptation, and it’s also unclear whether Gyllenhaal will make an appearance at all, even a small cameo, much like ‘Quantum Leap’ star Scott Bakula made in the first film. That cameo was no coincidence, as Jones had compared ‘Source Code’ to the classic television series, making the notion of a sequel fairly intriguing.

No word yet on a release date, but we imagine we’ll begin to hear about casting in the next few months or so. We’re keeping our fingers crossed for Jeffrey Wright’s return.