South Park has grown consistent enough as of its 19th season to not expect too many surprises, and while Matt Stone and Trey Parker have planned seasons through at least 2019, the landmark 20th season already has an eye on the fall. Comedy Central has confirmed a September premiere date for the two-decade milestone.

Following multiple renewals and an Upfront presentation this week, Comedy Central has already confirmed months in advance that Stan, Kyle, Kenny, Cartman and the rest of South Park will officially return on September 14, 2016. Why such an early announcement is anyone’s guess, but hey! Plan the next few months accordingly.

Says Comedy Central:

South Park remains the bedrock of Comedy Central and we are thrilled that new episodes will continue to entertain audiences for years to come. The series remains as urgent and relevant now as the day it premiered and at nearly 20 seasons in it continues to draw generations of new fans.

No telling if South Park Season 20 will pick up the same serialization approach as the last few years, or move toward something more in celebration of the anniversary, but stay tuned on the long road to September 14.

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