Obsidian's South Park:The Stick of Truth was snapped up by Ubisoft in the THQ bankruptcy sale, but we hadn't heard much about the game since earlier this year. Looks like things are about to change.

E3 is just around the bend, and Ubisoft is clearly planning on having plenty of its promising new titles to show off at the convention. Among the most anticipated new games will be South Park: The Stick of Truth. Fans have been waiting for this epic RPG for quite some time, and even though we still don't have a concrete release date in sight, Ubi is likely going to announce when and where South Park will be readily available in just a few days.

As you can tell from the above footage, Obsidian has gone to great lengths to replicate the look and humor of the show. Ever snippet looks like it's been ripped straight from an actual episode, even though it's really gameplay. Check out the trailer, and let us know which South Park character cameo you hope to see in The Stick of Truth.

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