'Spartacus: War of the Damned' may have taken a week off to catch viewers up before the second leg of the season, but all will be well this Friday night as the acclaimed Starz series returns with a bloody vengeance for "Decimation." Even with Spartacus and his rebels safely encamped within the city of Sinuessa en Valle, the wolves are soon to be at the gate when Julius Caesar (Todd Lasance) and the wrath of Marcus Crassus come-a-knocking! Get a preview of the first meeting between Caesar and Spartacus in Friday's "Decimation" inside!

Granted history has no real basis to assume that Julius Caesar ever met Spartacus, or had any participation in the Servile Wars, 'Spartacus: War of the Damned' will make full use of its toys this Friday as the pair come face to face in all-new episode "Decimation." Starz has released a new clip from the episode in which the Romans make their first attempt on the rebel city, only to find a surprising new face coming to their aid. Could this have been Crassus' plan all along?

Elsewhere, the rebels will have plenty of fallout of their own to manage, as Gannicus mourns the loss of his friend Attius and Spartacus maintains a tense relationship with the Roman Laeta (Anna Hutchinson), but will the heroes pull together before all is lost?

Check out a preview from 'Spartacus: War of the Damned's latest episode "Decimation" below, and give us your predictions for the final season in the comments!