John Wick directing duo Chad Stahelski and David Leitch are gradually taking over Hollywood’s action films, becoming two of the most wanted names in the industry. When Tim Miller vacated the director’s chair on Deadpool 2, there was only one correct solution: Hire one of the John Wick guys. Leitch landed that gig, which leaves Stahelski free to take on another potential blockbuster — the long-long-long-developing Highlander reboot.

In a statement to THR, Stahelski said, “I can’t think of a better property that gives the opportunity to create interesting characters, mythic themes and action set pieces.” It’s that last part that we’re really concerned with, given Stahelski and Leitch’s strong background in stunt work, which they handily translated into successful directing careers with John Wick.

With Stahelski’s hiring, it looks like the Highlander reboot is finally getting off the ground. Last we heard, Dave Bautista was being eyed for the film’s villain back in 2015, when The Huntsman: Winter’s War director Cedric Nicolas-Troyan was still set to helm the reboot. Highlander has been a revolving door of talent since Summit acquired the rights in 2008, with Justin Lin and Juan Carlos Fresnadillo among the directors attached at various points. Ryan Reynolds was briefly set to play the lead before ultimately dropping out.

The original Highlander film starred Christopher Lambert in the title role, with Sean Connery as his mentor and Clancy Brown as the villain. The film, which led to four sequels and a short-lived TV series, centered on an immortal warrior engaged in a centuries-old battle with the last remaining member of his enemy clan.

Stahelski recently wrapped production on John Wick: Chapter 2, which marks his solo directorial debut, and he’s attached to direct the new action thriller Triple Threat, starring Tony Jaa, Tiger Chen and The Raid’s Iko Uwais. In addition to Deadpool 2, Leitch directed the upcoming Charlize Theron spy thriller The Coldest City.

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