Star Trek: Discovery left us with one Enterprise-ing tease for Season 2, but the real threat was hidden on the cutting room floor. A deleted finale scene name-drops a sinister branch of Starfleet from the Deep Space Nine days, and confirms a familiar face will return in Season 2.

You’re warned of light Star Trek: Discovery spoilers from here on out, but we may know where Michelle Yeoh’s Mirror Georgiou went after February finale “Will You Take My Hand?” As shown during this weekend’s WonderCon panel, a scene cut from the finale features a “Section 31” operative (Alan Van Sprang) attempting to recruit the Mirror Universe empress to join their organization and “exert some influence over the fate of this galaxy.” It’s unclear when the scene is meant to take place, as Georgiou seems rather quickly to have established her own club in the Qo’noS market, but closing credits seem to imply it as the episode’s final scene.

Star Trek fans will recognize Section 31 as an off-the-books Starfleet black ops group; established during the original Deep Space Nine run, but retconned to have been active during the Enterprise days as well. J.J. AbramsStar Trek Into Darkness also referenced the group, though those films take place in an alternate timeline some years past the events of Star Trek: Discovery. Either way, it’s safe to say CBS released the scene to imply Section 31 will play some role in Season 2 (which won’t premiere until 2019), and that Yeoh will be back in some capacity.

We’ll hopefully learn more about Season 2 in the coming months, but what other familiar characters and threats might Star Trek: Discovery reintroduce?

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