It's almost silly to talk about 'Star Trek Into Darkness' deleted scenes; a movie that hasn't even hit theaters yet. But we spoke with star Simon Pegg this weekend and described to us a scene not in the final film that will be included on the 'Star Trek Into Darkness' DVD and, even though it's a ways off, we already can't wait to see this.

In our exclusive interview with Simon Pegg (more on that coming soon), our 'Star Trek' expert Jordan Hoffman and Pegg started talking about Keenser, the character in the film played by diminutive actor Deep Roy. Then the conversation turned to 'There Will Be Blood' and well, we'll let Mr. Pegg take it from here:

In fact – hang on for the DVD. That bar scene was shot at the Doheny Mansion, where the bowling alley scene from 'There Will Be Blood' was filmed.

No joke? That's the connection between 'There Will Be Blood' and 'Star Trek Into Darkness' that I knew was there somewhere.

Yep, the dance floor in the bar was the bowling alley. At the end of the day Deep and I reenacted that scene word for word.


Yes, I did Daniel Day-Lewis and Deep as Paul Dano. The whole “drink your milkshake” scene will be on the DVD.

That's the greatest news I ever heard.

So this deleted scene might not have any major surprises like the Klingon deleted scene from the original 'Star Trek' DVD but seeing Simon Pegg as Scotty as Daniel Plainview is something we just need to see immediately. "DRAAAAAINNNAGE!"

It's even funnier to imagine when you watch the original clip, which we've added below. The 'Star Trek Into Darkness' DVD and Blu-ray is scheduled for an early September release. We'll have more with Simon Pegg later this week.