Paramount has released the final 'Star Trek Into Darkness' trailer, just when you thought there couldn't be another one. After already seeing tons of footage, what could this one reveal? Just what Chris Pine says, "this could be just the beginning."

Darkness is coming for everyone in the new 'Star Trek Into Darkness' trailer as Benedict Cumberbatch's "mysterious" character is ready to unleash an all-out war. Though after all of the leaked spoilers circling the web, it's difficult to maintain his mysteriousness. But one thing is for sure -- neither the moviegoers revving up to hit theaters this May nor the Enterprise crew should underestimate him.

When the team returns home, they find it thrown into chaos, prompting Pine and his mates to shift into action. But as the new footage suggests, they may be a bit out of their league -- remember that first character poster of their ship crashing? Well, wait until you see what presumably blasts it right out of space.

'Star Trek Into Darkness' hits theaters this May 15, but until then, check out the latest theatrical trailer below. Plus, check out the last character poster featuring Chris Pine.