The other day, we got a viral-y, distorted message from the 'Man of Steel' villain, General Zod, demanding that we all serve up Superman on a platter. Now Benedict Cumberbatch's John Harris wants to get in on the fun with his very own 'Star Trek Into Darkness' death threat to Chris Pine's Captain Kirk.

It seems like the latest marketing tactic rising out of the upcoming movie slate are these "viral" messages from the villains. We first saw it with 'Man of Steel' and now 'Star Trek Into Darkness' is the latest to release one. Who's next? 'You're Next'?

Chris Pine's Captain James Tiberius Kirk has reason to be on guard because John Harris has just referred to him by his full name, which all of us know to mean he's in BIG trouble. Kirk is the heart of the Enterprise, as our baddie acknowledges, but will his charisma eventually lead the crew to destruction. It sure looks like. How do we know? Oh...well, it's pretty much guaranteed that the ship will go down in flames at some point (hint, hint >> click here).

'Star Trek Into Darkness' hits theaters May 15, but until then, please enjoy this viral clip from the film. Does it get you even more pumped to see it on the big screen?