It’s no secret that Disney and Lucasfilm have been keeping things, well, rather secret when it comes to Star Wars: The Force Awakens, carefully doling out just enough marketing to maintain excitement, while holding back plenty of secrets about the highly-anticipated new installment in the franchise. In an effort to further prevent fans from learning a little too much, Disney has decided to delay the release of the official tie-in novel.

In case you suffer from poor impulse control, Disney is here to help. According to The Wall Street Journal, the studio has reached an agreement with Penguin Random House’s Del Rey imprint to delay the release of the hardcover tie-in novel for The Force Awakens, which reveals the film’s plot and essentially spoils it for people who haven’t seen the movie. Film novelizations offer fans the novelty of reading the entire movie, though these versions do sometimes include additional bits of plot and character moments. Either way, the book version of The Force Awakens would spell out the whole plot for you.

The novelization was set to hit shelves the same day The Force Awakens hits theaters, but will now arrive about three weeks later, on January 3, giving you more than enough time to see the movie first.

If you’re really dying to read the movie tie-in novel, it will still be available digitally on December 18.

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