A Hobbit in space? Maybe! Dominic Monaghan, known for his role in the 'Lord of the Rings' films and for playing Charlie on the J.J. Abrams-produced hit series 'LOST' has been talking to his old friend about showing up in 'Star Wars: Episode 7.' As a Jedi? He wishes! But he has spoken to the director about a supporting role. 

According to Variety, Monaghan recently revealed on a podcast that he told Abrams, "Give me a lightsaber, I'll do anything," which is an appropriate reaction to the chance to appear in a 'Star Wars' film.

But Monaghan confirms what we already knew, that Abrams is going for a leading cast of relative unknowns, in keeping with George Lucas' original trio:

[Abrams] said ‘We’re putting together a cast of unknowns. We want to follow the ’77 New Hope cast because obviously Harrison Ford wasn’t well known at that point, Mark Hamill wasn’t and Carrie Fisher wasn’t either.

He added that big name stars could distract audiences from the magic of the story:

What he said was, ‘We don’t want to fall into that mistake of people going, ‘Oh, it’s that guy from that thing!’ and then you’re completely out of the 'Star Wars' universe.

So far, the only confirmed casting has been Adam Driver from 'Girls,' who will play the film's villain. Jesse Plemons from 'Breaking Bad' and 'Friday Night Lights' and John Boyega from 'Attack the Block' have been floated as possible Jedi heroes, while recent Oscar winner and '12 Years a Slave' star Lupita Nyong'o has also been rumored for a role.

The new film will reunite Hamill, Fisher, and Ford and introduce a fresh young trio of characters, setting up a new adventure to be followed in two more installments.

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