With Rogue One just around the corner, are we all getting snoked — uh, I mean — stoked for Episode VIII? By the time we get to see it, it’ll have been two years since we last caught up with Finn, Rey, Poe, BB-8, and the rest of the gang who are all set to return for the next installment. And we can’t forget the villains: Kylo Ren will probably play a huge part in the next episode, as will Captain Phasma. But what about a certain extremely tall Supreme Leader, who seems to be pulling the strings behind the First Order? We’ll see him too, but he might look a little different.

Supreme Leader Snoke, played by a motion-capture Andy Serkis, naturally, made his first appearance in The Force Awakens as one of the driving forces behind the formation of the First Order and a disciple of the Dark Side. He appeared as a giant humanoid CGI hologram, looming over everyone who came to seek his counsel or tell him that something had gone wrong. The folks over at MakingStarWars.net seem to think that Snoke will appear in Episode VIII as a practical-effects character, made of real materials and able to interact with actors on set.

For Star Wars: Episode VIII it appears, at least in part, that Snoke will not be a character generated in a computer. Instead he will be a huge puppet around seven to eight feet tall, taking several people to operate and a man inside a suit to make him walk. Stylistically, it seems as if Snoke may be CGI generated for the holographic communication sequences, but when he has scenes in Episode VIII next to real flesh-and-blood humans like Kylo Ren he will be a practical puppet with facial features operated by the crew.

After the movie came out, there was a lot of speculation about Snoke’s actual appearance. Was he really that tall, or did he just use the hologram technology to make him look big? It would have been pretty funny if he was actually Yoda-sized, but it sounds like, if the rumors are true, he actually is closer to the height of his hologram. Some also think he might be someone we’ve already met before, a character from one of the earlier Star Wars movies who’s gone through some drastic changes.

We’ll find out when Star Wars: Episode VIII opens in theaters December 15, 2017.

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