If you absolutely, positively cannot wait another seven days, there’s a new Chinese trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens that can satisfy your craving for MORE NEW FOOTAGE. Feed your impatient Star Wars beast with ALL THE NEW FOOTAGE. Insert Chewbacca noise. There’s so much new footage here. Maybe too much. Watch at your own risk, you’ve been warned, etc.

We’re not responsible for what you do with this new trailer, but we’ll leave it right there for you to test your own will power. Sort of like leaving a giant cup of coffee in front of someone who’s been trying to quit caffeine and hasn’t indulged in its perky richness for a few days. Sorry. We’re terrible.

Anyway! This Chinese trailer is cut in a more traditional style — unlike previous teasers, trailers and TV spots, this one offers slightly longer pieces of scenes instead of the vague, brief glimpses that have been more exciting to watch because they’re shown out of context. We don’t have much context for a lot of the scenes in the trailer above, but we know enough now from the footage we have seen already to start piecing it together. And once you start doing that, you can’t really stop.

The domestic previews are obviously preferable, as they’ve been more conservative about revealing too much too often. But there is some cool stuff in that Chinese trailer, like the Millennium Falcon warping through space, or Han Solo piloting the Millennium Falcon, or the Millennium Falcon crashing through trees and driving up the snow on a cold, cold planet (Hoth?! Wait and see!). — okay, so basically any and all Millennium Falcon-related sequences.

If you made it through this article without watching that trailer, good for you. We’ll see you at the theater when Star Wars: The Force Awakens arrives on December 18.

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