SNL promos have been increasingly esoteric in recent years, but may now have outdone themselves. This Is Us star Sterling K. Brown heralds his hosting debut with a new miniature recreation of the SNL opening credits, which might be the cutest thing you’ll ever see.

Ahead of Emmy and Golden Globe-winner Brown’s SNL hosting debut, NBC released his official promos as a miniature recreation of the iconic intro. Brown fills in the voiceover for announcer Darrell Hammond, while each cast member’s appearance is recreated by various figurines. Our personal favorite – Colin Jost lives up to Leslie Jones’ “Weekend Update” banter, and is portrayed by an actual Disney prince.

Brown will host the March 10 show with musical guest James Bay (himself portrayed by Iron Man in a top hat, however you take that), while March 17 will see series alum Bill Hader hosting for a second time alongside musical guest Arcade Fire. That’s presumably all our March hosts after Charles Barkley kicked off the post-Olympics return (and didn’t even get to air the best sketch) this past weekend, though Saturday will likely bring word of the first April shows.

You can watch the full promo above, and stay tuned for the latest on Sterling K. Brown’s SNL debut.

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