Steve Carell may be nominated for an Oscar for his recent turn in ‘Foxcatcher,’ but the now-lauded actor has never forgotten the pain of a bad review. More specifically, he’s never forgotten the pain of a single bad review, one that compared his performance to standing in a morgue full of dead bodies, eventually determining that Carell’s work was somehow worse than said dead bodies.

Way back in 1997, Carell co-starred in a short-lived (like, very, it ran for just three episodes before being cancelled) ABC sitcom called ‘Over the Top.’ It sounds as if most things on the show were, well, over the top, but Carell’s portrayal of a bizarre hotel chef might have been the most over the top. At least, that’s what the review he read to a spellbound David Letterman on last night’s ‘Late Show’ makes it sound like. Poor Steve.