Here's a delightful little blast from the past -- a Steve Martin promotional video from 1978 for his album 'A Wild and Crazy Guy,' in which Martin gets appropriately -- wait for it -- wild and crazy.

Apparently Warner Bros. has been busy digging around in their vaults because they've just opened a new YouTube channel called The Warner Sound, where they post videos like this "From the Vaults."

This little gem features Steve Martin promoting his 1978 comedy album 'A Wild and Crazy Guy.' In it, Martin offers up a whopping $1 to the record store that sells the most copies of his album. He wants you to know that this isn't money from Warner Bros. or his agent -- this is his money, and he'll totally give it to you if you fill out a simple form stating your name, age, race, birthday, and sexual preference.

Martin sits behind a desk, drinking wine and smoking a cigarette, frantically futzing with his record and mouthing the words to his own jokes, assuring the viewer that this stuff is the perfect thing to bring in that younger, "long-haired" crowd. At some point near the end of the video things get exponentially more hilarious, as Martin starts to look like that guy at parties who desperately tries to make you listen to his band's record.

Check it out below: