Sad as we were to see 'Spartacus' bite the sand earlier this year, we took great comfort in both the possibility of a spin-off and series creator Steven S. DeKnight's interstellar war drama 'Incursion' potentially moving forward at Starz. Now, reports have emerged suggesting DeKnight's 'Incursion' has cooled in the pre-production phase, but does that mean Starz will pass on the series?

We were excited to first learn that 'Spartacus' creator Steven S. DeKnight had begun pre-production on a new series aimed at the edgy Starz network, that of a sci-fi epic war tale deriving much of its tone from the work of James Cameron. Dubbed 'Incursion,' the project had been described as ‘Halo,’ ‘Band of Brothers’ and ‘Black Hawk Down' in space, centered around an Ellen Ripley-type lead.

According the Deadline, progress on the series seems to have cooled without an official order from Starz, particularly now that a full-season's worth of scripts have been written, as per Starz's usual procedure. “Incursion remains in development at Starz, and we are very much in the Steven DeKnight business,” said a rep from Starz, though no decision timetable has been announced.

“It is a massive, massive undertaking with many moving parts, because we are really trying to build a feature-level epic,” DeKnight told HuffPostTV a few months back. "All the design work is just incredibly time-consuming, so getting that green light is taking a little longer than it normally would.”

What say you? Do you think Starz will pick up DeKnight's outer-space epic, or is 'Incursion' deader than 'Spartacus: War of the Damned?' Hit the comments with your thoughts!

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