Nicole Kidman’s ‘Stoker’ character won’t win any Mother of the Year awards -- as was apparent with the first footage of the film -- but Park Chan-wook’s suspenseful thriller could score some genre trophies if it plays its cards right.

The film casts Kidman as a disgruntled widow who resents her creepy daughter, India (Mia Wasikowska), in the days following her husband’s mysterious death. Before these two have much time to work out their issues, however, India’s curious Uncle Charlie (Matthew Goode) moves in, triggering a slew of ‘Shadow of a Doubt’ references and elevating ‘Stoker’ from genre trash to gothic masterpiece.

At least, that’s what we’re hoping, and we have good reason to think ‘Stoker’ will be better than expected. Park directed ‘Oldboy,’ the remarkably dark vengeance thriller about a man locked away for years by a stranger. The South Korean filmmaker hasn’t made a movie since 2009’s ‘Thirst,’ and his first bid for mainstream Hollywood success could open more doors… or send him back to the comfort of his native Korean film industry.

We shall see. ‘Stoker’ opens in limited release on March 1, 2013, and the first trailer just arrived online. The moody clip is below, which arrives after the first bit of footage that made its way online. What do you think? And what’s the significance of the creepy, crawly spider? We can’t wait to find out.