Suicide Squad is a movie based on the concept of a super-group of villains recruited by a government agent to defeat an even bigger threat, with the idea being that if they join forces, their collective villainy will outweigh the evil of one mega-villain. But who have they been recruited to defeat, exactly? That’s one thing we don’t know, although it is a little easy to suss it out from the footage we saw over the summer.

Using deductive reasoning, it’s fairly easy to figure out that one of these things in the Suicide Squad footage is not like the others. You may have noticed that Cara Delevingne’s Enchantress is the only character who doesn’t appear in the Squad’s full lineup, nor does she share scenes with the other members of the team. Heroic Hollywood also points this out, while adding an unconfirmed rumor about her part in the film: Delevingne becomes Enchantress during the movie and sets out on a mission to locate and resurrect her dead brother with the hope that they can destroy the world together.

In the comics, the character begins as June Moone, an artistic type who discovers an evil entity in a mysterious chamber and absorbs its power, becoming Enchantress. But it’s not long before June realizes that she and the entity are not exactly one — in fact, the evil being is a separate entity and one that is almost impossible to control, similar to Jean Grey’s Phoenix persona.

This new rumor seems very likely to be true, particularly given the way Delevingne’s part plays out in the footage. We see her exploring a dark cavern and taking a bath in mucky water with a pentagram scrawled over her head (typical Tuesday), and there’s one shot of a deranged-looking Delevingne in a grungy riff on the traditional Enchantress costume. None of the footage features the actor alongside the remainder of the Squad, though she did become a member of the team in the comic books, so it’s quite possible that they’ll help her get her powers under control and ask her to join up.

Suicide Squad hits theaters on August 5, 2016.