Despite the fact that USA seems to have undergone a brutal run of cancellations in 2012 -- including everything from 'Common Law' to 'Fairly Legal,' dropping 'Political Animals,' and the likely upcoming ends of 'Burn Notice' and 'Psych' -- we're glad to have 'Suits' coming back in the mix with plenty of years to come. The show returns to the second season on Thursday, January 17, so how would you like an all-new look at the back half of 'Suits' season 2?

Be sure to tip your dry cleaners well, USA's 'Suits' will be back sooner than you think. The breakout legal drama will return for the second half of its second season on Thursday, January 17, continuing the battle between Jessica (Gina Torres) and Harvey (Gabriel Macht) and Hardman (David Costabile). USA and TVGuide have released a brand-new trailer for the outing recapping the conflicts we left off on, as well as previewing what's to come.

Will Rachel (Meghan Markle) forgive Mike (Patrick J. Adams), having walked in on him and Tess (Elisabeth Hower) together? Will Harvey leverage the ongoing conflicts into a better spot for himself at Pearson Hardman? Will Louis (Rick Hoffman) get his revenge before the season is out?

Check out the new trailer for 'Suits' season 2 below, and tell us in the comments what you hope to see from the back half of the season! Be sure to tune in for the premiere on January 17!