Well, not every series can weather the storm. With the first portion of the fall season mostly over, the networks have begun plotting out mid-season and other returns, while disposing of series that haven't quite made a dent in their target audiences. We recently saw NBC set its winter line-up, minus a few items on our to-watch list, but what of USA? When can we expect 'Suits,' 'White Collar' and 'Necessary Roughness'? And has 'Common Law' been left off the schedule for good?

Never fear, 'Suits' and 'White Collar' fans, you'll all soon be suiting up again. USA has announced the official returns of its suited dramas, as well as sports therapy drama 'Necessary Roughness.' The remaining episodes of 'Suits' season 2 will begin on Thursday, January 17, while 'White Collar' continues its second season on Tuesday the 22, followed by the resumption of 'Necessary Roughness' the following day, January 23.

Unfortunately, the network has opted to leave 'Common Law' off the schedule, effectively cancelling the freshman police partnership procedural. For those unfamiliar, the series starred Michael Ealy and Warren Kole as detectives undergoing couples’ therapy to save their partnership.

What say you? Are you happy to know when Pearson/Harmon and Neal Caffrey will return? Will you miss 'Common Law' at all? Give us your response in the comments!

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