Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s long list of genre credits let the boys of Supernatural have a bit of fun with their dad busting skulls on The Walking Dead, but the two crossing paths onscreen is another matter. A familiar foe popped up on last night’s Supernatural, connecting universes with logic more twisted than barbed wire.

Anyone who caught Thursday’s “Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell” couldn’t have missed Dean swinging around a barbed-wire baseball bat after a fresh kill, reminiscing that “dad loved this thing.” Were it not clear enough, the camera helpfully lingered on Negan’s weapon of choice for a moment as the scene concluded.

For anyone not in on the joke, current Walking Dead baddie Jeffrey Dean Morgan is also well-known in Supernatural circles as John Winchester, father to Sam and Dean, despite not having physically appeared on the series since Season 2 (they’re in Season 12). Both Morgan and star Jensen Ackles also traded jokes about the weapon over Twitter in October:

Well, no matter what universe you’re in, anyone who looks like Jeffrey Dean Morgan seems to love baseball bats. We wouldn’t expect The Walking Dead to return the tongue-in-cheek favor, but feel free to devise psychotic shared universe theories in the meantime.

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