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'Supernatural' Eyes Season 13 Spinoff 'Wayward Sisters'
It’s been several years since Supernatural first attempted to drain Bloodlines into a spinoff series, and considering Season 13 will dip into the Scooby-Doo crossover well, it might be time to try again. Fan-favorite Sheriff Jody Mills will lead another spinoff attempt, this one focused on Wayward Sisters.
'Supernatural' Gives 'Walking Dead' Cameo to Lucille
Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s long list of genre credits let the boys of Supernatural have a bit of fun with their dad busting skulls on The Walking Dead, but the two crossing paths onscreen is another matter. A familiar foe popped up on last night’s Supernatural, connecting universes with logic more twisted than barbed wire.
'Supernatural' Almost Did a 'Smallville' Crossover Episode
Supernatural has run long enough to share The CW with both Smallville and the current generation of Arrow, Flash, Supergirl and Legends, as well as their many crossovers. We’d never expect Sam and Dean to drive the Impala through Central City, but it seems the Winchesters very nearly took a trip to the Smallville set.
'Supernatural' Walks Back 300th Episode Ending Talk
Talk of Supernatural’s inevitable end seemed loudest around a tenth or eleventh season, or at least development of a spinoff. We’re a few deep into Season 12 now, with no immediate signs of stopping, but despite recent chatter of ending the series around 300 episodes, star Jensen Ackles isn’t willing to put a number on Supernatural’s ending just yet.
'Supernatural,' 'Walking Dead' Swap Jeffrey Dean Morgan Joke
Jeffrey Dead Morgan is something of a TV vagabond, to the point that few expected to see him in another horror-tinged genre series while Supernatural was still airing. Now that the erstwhile papa Winchester has found a home cracking skulls on The Walking Dead, however, Supernatural star Jensen Ackles is having a bit of fun over Twitter.
'Supernatural' Might End in Season 14 With 300 Episodes
Eleven seasons of The CW’s Supernatural have defied expectations already, raising the eternal question of when Sam and Dean might finally park the Impala for good. Heading into Season 12, however, both stars and producers are aiming for 300 episodes, which could mean a series finale in a shortened fourteenth season.

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