Having Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone in a movie together may have been more exciting before 'The Expendables' films, but let's face it - Arnold's roles were just cameos. 'The Tomb' is first time the duo will really be face to face, and though that might have been more exciting in 1987, it's still kind of cool.

Entertainment Tonight went to the set of the movie and talked to both stars. The most important reveal is Arnold's look in the film. Schwarzenegger hasn't really done much dress-up is his career - usually he's got the buzz cut and he's always playing a variation on himself. But here he's got the gray lion look going - it's the least "Arnie" he's looked in a film, and that's exciting.

Also revealed in this interview is that Arnie shot four days on 'The Expendables 2.' That's much more than the first film (he quips he shot for four hours), but for those who thought he and Bruce Willis would have much larger roles in the sequel, they do, but...

'The Tomb' isn't scheduled to open until some time in 2013 (perhaps near Stallone's 'Bullet to the Head'), but this footage gets us at least a little bit more amped for the two working against each other.

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