Sylvester Stallone may work on 'The Expendables 3' soon enough but before he finishes up that trilogy, he'll write, direct and star in a 3D sci-fi thriller 'Hunter' based on the novel by James Byron Huggins.

Stallone bought the rights to 'Hunter' over 10 years ago and has long tried to adapt the book into a movie. At one time, he even flirted with making another Rambo movie in the sci-fi genre and using this book as the plot. But instead Stallone is using his post-'Expendables' clout to team with Lionsgate on a proper 'Hunter' adaptation, which will hit theaters in 2014.

According to Bloody Disgusting, Lionsgate and Stallone (who so successfully teamed up on the first two 'Expendables' movies) will reunite for the project, which has been fasttracked by the studio. Stallone is looking to shoot the film in 3D.

The story goes as follows:

A beast is loose somewhere north of the Arctic Circle. It has already decimated a secret research facility and annihilated a squad of elite military guards. And the raging creature is headed south toward civilization, ready to wreak bloody devastation. It is a job Hunter cannot turn down, but he soon discovers that his prey is terror incarnate, a half-human abomination created by a renegade agency through a series of outlawed genetic experiments. It has man’s cunning, a predator’s savageness, and a prehistoric power that has transcended the ages. And even if Hunter survives its unrelenting hunger for human blood, he’ll still have to confront the grim reality that it may have grown immortal.

Stallone has a number of projects upcoming including 'Bullet in the Head' and his film with Arnold Schwarzenegger, 'The Tomb.'