'The Conjuring' was the biggest horror film since 'The Exorcist,' so it was hardly surprising when we learned that not only was New Line planning a sequel, but a spinoff as well. The latter focuses on the unlikely breakout star of the film, a spooky little doll named Annabelle, and now she's found a pair of friends to scare the hell out of in her very own movie.

The studio has cast Annabelle Wallis and Ward Horton to join the creepy doll in the spinoff, which is being produced by 'The Conjuring' director James Wan. The Wrap reports that Wallis, who played Jane Seymour on 'The Tudors' and currently stars on the series 'Peaky Blinders,' has signed on for the female lead role, while Ward Horton, who had a recurring part on 'One Life to Live' and recently had a small role as an unnamed broker in 'The Wolf of Wall Street,' will play the other lead in the spinoff, which is appropriately titled 'Annabelle.'

While official plot details are under wraps, the 'Annabelle' doll is based on a real-life possessed doll investigated by paranormal experts Ed and Lorraine Warren, who were played by Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga in the film. John Leonetti, the cinematographer for 'The Conjuring,' will direct 'Annabelle' based on a script by Gary Dauberman.

According to Variety, 'Annabelle' will begin production on January 27 in Los Angeles, CA.