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'The Get Down' Part 2 Shorter, But Likely Gets Second Season
Netflix Baz Luhrmann hip-hop drama The Get Down has often seen more problems than praise, making headlines for its unusual structure and expense, rather than content. The first season’s second half may get things back on track, though Luhrmann now reveals a shorter count than expected, and what may change in a second season.
The 21 Best Movie Musicals Of The 21st Century
The musical never completely died as a movie genre, but it did lay dormant for a good long while throughout the 1980s and ’90s, with only the occasional throwback like Pennies From Heaven, Newsies, or Everyone Says I Love You popping up, like an old memory. Back then, the movie business largely conceded its tradition of song-and-dance to Disney cartoons and MTV, assuming — wrongly — that the idea of flesh-and-blood actors breaking into big numbers in the middle of narrative feature films had become too cornball for the modern mass audience.
Netflix 'The Get Down' Now Costs $16 Million Per Episode
Netflix’s The Get Down made headlines for the wrong reasons at first, as reports of Baz Luhrmann‘’s ballooning budget and reshoots pulled focus from positive reviews. Production even made history by separating the two halves of its first Netflix season, while new reports suggest episode budgets have reached as high as $16 million.
‘Moulin Rouge’ Will Become a Musical Because It Can Can Can
The relationship between Broadway and and Hollywood has always struck me as a bit unfair. Hollywood basically gets its pick of pre-packaged products: wonderful lyrics, showstopping dance numbers, and beloved songs. Broadway, meanwhile, has to do most of the heavy lifting when adapting a movie for the stage. Oh, you want to make Waitress into a Broadway musical? That’s great! You’ll just need to write a whole new suite of songs. And figure out all the choreography. And rewrite the book to make those first two things fit. Because the movie has none of that.
Baz Luhrmann Doesn't Want to Run 'The Get Down' Season 2
As the most recent trailer only proved, Baz Luhrmann’s Netflix hip-hop drama The Get Down has become one of the more anticipated series of the year, even as the streaming service broke with its usual strategy to release season halves at different times. There’s good reason, it seems, as an eye-popping report has The Get Down at one of the most expensive series ever made, for which Luhrmann might sit out any possible second season.

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