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NBC 'Taken' Prequel Hones its Skills in First 2017 Trailer
We’re still trying to wrap our heads around a Taken prequel that somehow takes place in the modern day (“I will find you, and I will kill you” will look great in HoloChat), but NBC’s February premiere has finally granted us an official trailer. See those particular skills in their nascent stages with a new look at NBC’s Taken.
NBC 'Taken' Trailer Develops a Particular Set of Skills
It doesn’t take much more than an iconic movie’s name to prime a TV reboot, and NBC’s Taken has an uphill battle to match the particular thrill of Liam Neeson’s particular skills. While we wait for the midseason premiere, take a look at the first trailer now, before it gets … well, Taken down.
NBC 'Taken' Prequel Reveals First Pilot Photos
NBC decided long ago that we’d meet Taken lead Bryan Mills before he developed his particular set of skills (yet somehow still in the modern day), and ahead of NBC’s Upfront presentation, we have our first look at Vikings star Clive Standen in the role Lian Meeson made famous.
NBC 'Taken' Series Sets 'Vikings' Star Clive Standen to Lead
The world of movie-TV reboots accommodates a great many approaches these days, not the least curious of which will see Liam Neeson’s Taken character Bryan Mills returned to his formative years, yet still in the modern day. We now know which actor will develop his particular set of skills as well, setting Vikings star Clive Standen as our new Taken man.
9 Facts You Might Not Know About History's 'Vikings'
History’s Vikings famously ditches the classic helmet imagery, but did you know the concept of filthy, horned raiders was historically inaccurate anyway? Or that the Travis Fimmel series pays homage to classic Norse myth in its titles? Sharpen your axes and fill your flagons, and let the 24th episode of ‘You Think You Know TV?’ take you along with Ragnar Lothbrok for a raiding party on History’s Vikings!
'Vikings' Season 2 Premiere Clips
The 'Vikings' of History's namesake will be back to raid, pillage and plunder a second season beginning February 27, but before they do, they may need to settle some differences of their own. See Ragnar Lothbrok take on his brother Rollo as opposing armies clash in the first clips from 'Vikings' season 2 premiere "Brother's War"!

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