We saw a first look ahead of Comic-Con 2016, but winds of change really are blowing into History’s Vikings for the second half of Season 4. Ragnar Lothbrok is back to lead his grown-up sons into war, and everything seems to be changing in the full trailer for Vikings' fall return.

Not only is Bjorn less than excited to see his father (and striking a terse alliance with Rollo), Aslaug and Lagertha appear to be at each other’s throats as well. Not that Lagertha is lacking for new friends among her army, that is.

The latest look at the second half of Vikings Season 4 didn’t set an official premiere date, though episodes are expected this fall. As such, no sign yet of Jonathan Rhys Meyers, who joins Season 5 in a regular role, but is expected to first appear this year. Season 5 is again divided across an impressive twenty episodes, split down the middle

Further details will surely arrive in the coming weeks and months, but what make we of an elder Ragnar leading the second half of Vikings Season 4?

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