Dean Norris

Holy Crap 'Breaking Bad'
‘Breaking Bad’ season 5 cooks up its sixth of the final eight episodes, “Ozymandias,” as the fallout of the desert battle between Jack's men and Hank has deadly ramifications for the entire cast, and Walt's world of lies finally comes crumbling down around him..
Last week’s ‘Breaking Bad’ episode, “T…
'Breaking Bad' review
‘Breaking Bad’ season 5 cooks up its first of the final eight episodes, as Hank struggles to make sense of his newfound realization about Walt, while Walt keeps yet another secret from the family, and Jesse fervently attempts to assuage his guilty conscience.
Last year’s ‘Breaking Bad’ finale “Glidin…
CBS ‘Under the Dome’ Releases First Official Photos
The June 24 premiere of CBS' new Stephen King thriller series 'Under the Dome' is fast approaching, and we're eager to get a look at how the 2009 novel works as an ongoing series. A few impressive trailers have made their way online, but what do the first official photos from 'Under the Dome' reveal…
Way Back When: Dean Norris
You guys know him best as Hank on 'Breaking Bad,' but Dean Norris has had a long career on screens both big and small. In today's Way Back When we bring you a few of his earlier gems.