You guys know him best as Hank on 'Breaking Bad,' but Dean Norris has had a long career on screens both big and small. In today's Way Back When we bring you a few of his earlier gems.

'Total Recall'

In 1990, Dean Norris had a small part in 'Total Recall,' starring Arnold Schwarzenegger as Quaid, a guy who decides to take a little virtual vacation to pretend he's a spy. Norris is Tony, the guy with the messed-up face, and Schwarzenegger gives him a what-for:

'Desperate Hours'

Norris starred as the character Maddox in the Michael Cimino film 'Desperate Hours,' about a con man on the run who moves into a family's home and takes over their lives. Seems our buddy Dean Norris here has a long history of playing law enforcement officials. In the clip below, you can watch him yell at a young David Morse:

'Terminator 2: Judgment Day'

Norris reunited with Schwarzenegger (kind of) for 'Terminator 2: Judgment Day,' in which he plays a SWAT team leader. In the scene below, the SWAT team comes to Skynet and there's a shoot-out between them and Sarah Connor, but what they don't know is that the building has been rigged to blow by a technician who's helping Sarah. Norris is wearing a mask the whole time, but you'll spot his bald head easily:

'The Firm'

In 1993, Dean Norris, along with 'Saw's' Tobin Bell, played a hit man in the Tom Cruise film 'The Firm.' The clip below features Norris and Bell chasing after Tom Cruise, and Norris' bad guy is kind of amazing -- the fur-lined coat, the ugly sweater, the limp. We approve.

'The Last Seduction'

Before Peter Berg was directing stuff like 'Friday Night Lights' and 'Battleship,' he was an actor in films like 'The Last Seduction,' starring Linda Fiorentino as a devious woman who takes off with her drug dealer husband's money and lands in a small town, where she finds a dopey guy to help her with her next scheme. Dean Norris hangs with Peter Berg in this bar scene:

'The Negotiator'

When one of the best police negotiators is accused of murder, he takes hostages in a government office to prove his innocence. Samuel L. Jackson plays the titular negotiator, while Dean Norris plays Scott, one of his hostages. He doesn't get much to do in this clip, but it's pretty fun to see him with tape over his mouth. We bet Marie on 'Breaking Bad' would love to do that to him sometimes.