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‘Doctor Who’ Previews its Season Finale with a Clip from Dr. Who Documentary
Doctor Who fans, be nervous! Or excited! It all depends on how you feel about the Doctor's current companions Amy (Karen Gillan) and Rory (Arthur Darvill). This Saturday in the episode “The Angels Take Manhattan,” the two are set to leave the Doctor (Matt Smith) at 9pm EST, 6pm PST. But before that happens, there's an hour long documentary called "Doctor Who in the U.S." Take a look at a
Could ‘Looper’ Director Rian Johnson Tackle ‘Doctor Who’ Next?
The talk on everyone's lips this week is both that of Rian Johnson's "Joe Go Lev" sci-fi time-travel actioner 'Looper,' opening Friday, as well as Saturday's pivotal 'Doctor Who' that says goodbye to several fan-favorite characters.  We'd even heard a bit about 'The Hobbit' director Peter Jackson looking to try his hand at directing 'Doctor Who,' but what are the odds that Rian Johnson's
Peter Jackson One Step Closer to Directing ‘Doctor Who’ in New Zealand
For all the overseas talent that doesn't get its due recognition at award ceremonies like the Emmys, 'Doctor Who' has long been one of our favorites. Recently, 'Doctor Who' and 'Lord of the Rings' fans alike were delighted to hear that interest had been expressed back and forth for director Peter Jackson to helm a New Zealand-based 'Doctor Who' episode, but could it actually happen? And when would
‘Doctor Who’ Goes West In New Clip From “A Town Called Mercy”
As if we needed more proof that Stetsons were cool.  The good 'Doctor Who' returns this Friday with "A Town Called Mercy," the third of five all-new series 7 episodes that will carry us into the Holiday special while simultaneously saying goodbye to companions Amy and Rory Pond.  So far this season we've seen our Doctor confront zombie Daleks (with a surprising twist), and square off aga
Cool New ‘Doctor Who’ Series 7 Movie Posters
Fan boys and fan girls, it's time to squee.  This Saturday August 1 will see the long-awaited premiere of 'Doctor Who's seventh series, which promises to be the biggest yet for the ever-regenerating Time Lord.  Everything from dinosaurs on a spaceship to cyborg cowboys will plague everyone's favorite pairing of The Doctor, Rory and Amy Pond, so how would you like a movie-quality look at the first
‘Doctor Who’ Keeping Matt Smith Until At Least 2014
There's never been a show quite like 'Doctor Who,' as the show's upcoming 50th anniversary can attest to, but it's rare for today's TV viewer to fret losing their favorite actors and characters every few years.  As the eleventh incarnation of the good Doctor, Matt Smith won over many of the show's fans with his youthfully manic performance, but rumors of course swirl that soon he too will hang up
‘Doctor Who’ Series 7 Trailer Has Dinosaurs On A Spaceship
Yes, you read that correctly.  As promised following yesterday's leak of that bad-ass, if spoilery photo from the forthcoming 'Doctor Who' series 7, the official trailer has arrived, and we can think of at least one Doctor who would tell us how fantastic it is.  Daleks, Weeping Angels, cyborg cowboys and of course dinosaurs, 'Doctor Who' series 7 could prove to be the most epic yet.  But what spoi
‘Doctor Who’ Series 7 Leaks Spoilery New Photo
Things have been mostly quiet on the 'Doctor Who' front, even as the hotly-anticipated seventh series looms in the fall.  Some big changes are in store for the Doctor and his companions, but the more things change, the more they stay the same.  After all, the Daleks will be back in full force force, with the premiere titled 'The Asylum of the Daleks!'  The first official photo has leaked, and ther
‘Doctor Who’ Series 7 Conjures Up New Premiere Details
As much as 'Doctor Who' and 'Sherlock' show-runner Steven Moffat loves to tantalize and tease us with spoilers during the long, agonizing waits for new series of either, we happily follow.  While 'Doctor Who' series 7 doesn't even have an official premiere date just yet, we pour over every detail that comes of an upcoming season that will introduce a new companion, and take us to the 5oth annivers
‘Doctor Who’ Series 7 Releases First Official Photo
Time is a funny thing.  For The Doctor, it can fly by in two shakes of a police booth, but we're stuck on this blue marble experiencing everything at the speed of regular time.  That's why we're blessed to have such wonderful friends in the UK to keep up with 'Doctor Who's latest adventures filming abroad, and showing us the first official pictures from the new season!

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