Sure, the end of the year brings plenty of wonderful things, like Christmas, family, hot chocolate and cuddly-wuddlies (yeah, we said it), but 'Doctor Who' fans know it by something else; a new Christmas special!  The Doctor's back, and he's better than ever in the 2012 holiday episode, now that we've all gotten over our grieving from the Ponds' departure.  The 2012 Christmas Special will also mark the first official turn of Jenna-Louise Coleman as the Doctor's new companion, so take a look in the trailer and bonus minisode!

Thankfully, it doesn't matter how naughty or nice we've been.  Nothing stops the yearly 'Doctor Who' Christmas Special!  This year's "The Snowmen" will see the introduction of Jenna-Louise Coleman's new companion Clara (minus her turn in the series 7 premiere), taking place in Victorian times against an army of evil snowmen!  No, we're not kidding.

The special will feature guest stars Tom Ward and Richard E. Grant as the villains, along with characters Madame Vastra, and Commander Strax!  You can get a first look at the special via the trailer below, but why wait until Christmas to begin the story?  Beneath the trailer, you'll find a special mini-sode titled "The Great Detective," serving as a prequel to the episode!

Check out both below, and give us your 'Doctor Who' predictions in the comments!