Emily Kinney

'Flash' PaleyFest Teases Grodd, Wally West and Flashpoint
Puns aside, The Flash will hit the ground running in its March 17 return, kicking off the first of nine episodes that will bring about some major changes to Barry Allen’s world. New footage and teases from creators at PaleyFest promise more DC villains and time-travel terrors to come, along w…
'The Flash' Casts Emily Kinney as Bug-Eyed Bandit
Last night saw ‘The Walking Dead’ losing yet another of its own, but death is never the end for its stars. To wit, ‘The Flash’ will feature everyone’s favorite post-apocalyptic songbird Emily Kinney as an upcoming villain, one which may have ties to talk of that &#…
'The Walking Dead' Season 5 Review: "Coda"
‘The Walking Dead’ season 5 brings its 8th episode to life with midseason finale “Coda,” as Rick attempts to negotiate with Dawn for the lives of Carol and Beth, only for the conflict to go horribly awry, while Gabriel makes a shocking discovery of his own.

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