Last night saw ‘The Walking Dead’ losing yet another of its own, but death is never the end for its stars. To wit, ‘The Flash’ will feature everyone’s favorite post-apocalyptic songbird Emily Kinney as an upcoming villain, one which may have ties to talk of that ‘Atom’ spinoff…

Per PUNKD images (the same who tipped fans off to our new Weather Wizard), ‘The Walking Dead’ star Kinney was recently observed arriving in Vancouver to shoot an upcoming ‘Flash’ episode, ostensibly as an incarnation of Atom villain “Bug-Eyed Bandit.” The character will apparently be gender-swapped to Brie Larvan (Bertram in comics), while it remains to be seen how the villain’s insect-controlling powers will be adapted.

And while we don’t yet know exactly which episode will feature ‘The Walking Dead’ singer-songwriter, we can’t help noticing the coincidental timing with ‘Arrow’’s Ray Palmer heading to ‘The Flash’ in episode 18, “All-Star Team-Up.” It’s too early to say if The CW would ever go so far as to craft a genuine ‘Atom’ spinoff, but we imagine pitting the hero against one of his more classic foes would be a good means to test the water.

Says The CW of Kinney's role:

Brie is a narcissistic tech wizard wreaking havoc in Central City. Upon arriving in town, Felicity recognizes Brie as her nemesis, and the two women engage in a hacker battle for The Flash’s life.

Of course, ‘The Flash’ will have plenty of other challenges to deal with in the coming weeks, including the out-of-control “Nuclear Man,” a second Weather Wizard, two generations of Tricksters, as well as those pesky Rogues adding yet another member to their ranks. We’ll see what shakes out about Kinney’s arrival on ‘The Flash,’ but might we be seeing the first stages of an ‘Atom’ spinoff?

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