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‘55 Steps’ Clip: Helena Bonham Carter Is a Mental Patient
Mental hospitals have always been one of Hollywood’s go-to scary places. They’re full of people who have a shaky sense of reality, and are perfect places to set psychological thrillers like Shutter Island and shows like American Horror Story. But in 55 Steps, the focus is on helping not just one patient, but tons of them, in an adaptation of a true-life story that changed the way mental hospitals in this country operate forever.
Meet Newcomer Daniel Craig in the ‘Logan Lucky’ Trailer
Much like the Coen Brothers, Steven Soderbergh has two distinct sides. There’s the ‘serious artist’ side, the one responsible for movies Contagion, Solaris, and Traffic, and the side that makes delightfully light-hearted genre movies. As much as I may enjoy Serious Soderbergh, I always have the most fun with the Soderbergh who made Ocean’s 11 and Out of Sight. And thankfully for those of us tired of grimdark summer blockbusters, that’s the Soderbergh on full display in the first trailer for Logan Lucky.
Hilary Swank Joins Steven Soderbergh’s ‘Logan Lucky’
By now you know it’s best to expect the unexpected when it comes to Steven Soderbergh, who recently emerged from semi-retirement (or Not Actual Retirement At All) to direct his first feature film since 2012. Even still, you probably never would have guessed that his latest project would star Adam Driver, Seth MacFarlane and Katherine Heigl — okay, you might have guessed Driver since that guy is pretty much everywhere right now. But would you have predicted the casting of Hilary Swank? Probably not.
See the Cast of 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' Then and Now
Long before Joss Whedon made the hit TV show 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer,' he wrote the film of the same name -- released in 1992, 'Buffy' follows Kristy Swanson as the titular heroine, a cheerleader who discovers that it is her destiny to hunt and kill vampires. Co-starring Luke Perry and Donald Sutherland, the film was a moderate success, though it's often forgotten in the shadow of Whedon's wildl
Meryl Streep and Hilary Swank to Join Tommy Lee Jones in ‘The Homesman’?
It would appear as though the 2013 awards season already has a major player in 'The Homesman,' and the picture hasn't even begun shooting yet. The film, set to be written and directed by Tommy Lee Jones (who also plans to star), is an American frontier drama with a handful of meaty roles. Today, we may know who will occupy a couple of those meaty roles: Oscar-winners Meryl Streep and Hilary Swank.