Independence Day

Will Smith Won't Return for 'Independence Day 2' (or '3')
20th Century Fox has been itching for a sequel to 'Independence Day' for a very long time, but it seems that the project has finally started moving forward (at least considering how much director Roland Emmerich has talked about it) and is scheduled to hit theaters in two years. But the pr…
'ID2' Goes Fourth
Though iconic, disaster-movie director Roland Emmerich will let loose his latest project, 'White House Down,' to the masses this week, talk has already honed in on his next big movie -- 'Independence Day 2.' Since Fox set a release date for July 3, 2015, inquiring minds want to k…
Aliens Are Coming
Fox has begun slot-calling their summer schedule for the next two years, which makes them conservative compared to Marvel and Sony. 'Independence Day 2' has officially been dated for July 3, 2015, among other changes and updates to their schedule.
ID4:3D No Go
Though it may not speak for the 3D boom entire, we're happy to report that 'Independence Day' will not be getting the 3D re-release in the summer of 2013. To be honest, we hoped it would never happen.