Ed. note: Opinions! We have so many of them! At least one a day. So we're trying out a new feature, which will allow us to share those opinions. Enter film critic Jordan Hoffman...

My favorite thing to do each morning is to brew myself a strong cup of hibiscus-mint tea and check out the front page of the greatest website in the history of time: ScreenCrush.com. As I'm getting up to speed on the latest entertainment news, there's always at least one thing that'll make me explode with anger and/or delight.

Unfortunately, my wife leaves for work before me and my cat doesn't speak English. So it looks like I'm going to have to talk to you. And that's what this new daily video feature WHICH DOESN'T YET HAVE A NAME is all about.

Today I gotta say that the announcement of an 'Independence Day' 3D re-release stuck me as. . .kinda silly. Hey, I like 'Independence Day.' I liked it back in 1994 and I liked it all seven hundred times I caught glimpses of it on basic cable ever since. But do I need to see it in 3D. Am I that much of a Harvey Fierstein fan?

In this video, I look into the matter. Enjoy. (And help us come up with a name for these videos!)