Monster Trucks

Obama Watched ‘Monster Trucks’ in the White House
It’s no secret that Barack Obama is a total cinephile — last year he and Michelle named their favorite films of 2015 (The Martian and Inside Out, respectively), and a few months ago he even listed his favorite sci-fi movies (mostly the agreed-upon classics). Being the President comes with its fair share of perks, including first access to any new releases he wants to watch. Now we know what was on the list he requested for his swanky White House screening room.
The Worst ‘Monster Trucks’ Reviews
Have you ever seen those movie ads on TV filled with gushing quotes from critics and thought to yourself, “I saw that movie; it was terrible. Where did they find these positive reviews?” If you have, you’re not alone — and you’re going to love ScreenCrush’s newest series, Critics Are Raving!, which balances the cinematic scales with trailers full of slightly more accurate (and slightly more negative) lines from reviews. Real critics. Real quotes. Really bad movies. That’s what’s Critics Are Raving! is all about.
Weekend Box Office Report: ‘Hidden Figures’ Adds Up
After a neck-and-neck race last weekend, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story has officially stepped aside to let Hidden Figures reign supreme. The crowd-pleasing drama about the black female mathematicians who assisted NASA in its early days topped the box office, leading a weekend that was otherwise all about films bursting out of limited release. The bulk of the new releases were not so fortunate.
The Strangest Kids Movies Ever Made
This Friday, Paramount Pictures is releasing what will arguably be the finest family film of the year (to date): Monster Trucks, which has had a famously messy production up to its release in the doldrums of the first month of the year. (Shocking that a movie thought up by a 4-year old wouldn’t have smooth sailing!) Leaving its behind-the-scenes rockiness aside, Monster Trucks ostensibly has the ingredients to be a kids’ movie: it’s a mix of computer animation and live action; it’s directed by Chris Wedge of the Ice Age franchise; and it’s about big trucks. But all accounts suggest that the oddity of the concept’s genesis is borne out by the finished film, making for a truly odd film intended for the whole family. In (dubious) honor of Monster Trucks, thus, here’s our list of 10 of the truly weird, oddball children’s movies.
Get to Know Creech in the High-Octane ‘Monster Trucks’ Trailer
Paramount's upcoming kids' flick Monster Trucks sounds like the sort of project that was conceived as a goofy pun and then reverse-engineered from there. You see, we colloquially refer to motor vehicles outfitted with oversize suspension and larger tires as "monster trucks" due to their large size and monstrous appetite for smaller, weaker trucks. But this film imagines a fanciful scenario in which an odd beast makes a home inside the engine of a truck, which the creature then controls using its slimy tentacles — quite literally, a monster truck! Everybody still with us? Good.
Paramount Takes Massive Write-Down on ‘Monster Trucks’
In what might conservatively be described as a mildly discouraging sign, the Wall Street Journal reports that Paramount Pictures “took the unusual step Wednesday of announcing a $115 million impairment charge ‘related to the expected performance of an unreleased film.’” And that film appears to be Monster Trucks, which has an also mildly discouraging release date of early January, in which a teenager (26-year-old Lucas Till) discovers a monster who then hangs out inside his truck. Hence, monster truck.
Paramount Plans ‘SpongeBob SquarePants 3’
The third feature-length SpongeBob SquarePants movie has been set for February 8, 2019. The follow-up to this year’s fabulously successful Sponge Out of Water (a $315.9 million box-office receipt is nothing to sneeze at) and 2004’s The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie will rejoin the helium-voiced cleaning implement and his undersea pals with all major voice actors returning, bringing Squidward, Sandy, Patrick, and Mr. Krabs to theaters to the delight of children nationwide once more.
‘Mission: Impossible 5’ Moves to July to Avoid 'Star Wars'
Your mission if you choose to accept it: save ‘Mission: Impossible 5’ from being trampled by ‘Star Wars: Episode 7’ at the box office. Mission complete. While ‘Mission: Impossible 5’ was originally set to open this Christmas, just one week after the juggernaut that is ‘Star Wars’, Paramount has wisely thought this over and moved the new Ethan Hunt adventure up to this July.