Judging from the headline above, it may seem like Paramount has announced their intention to produce a third film revolving around everyone’s favorite sentient sea sponge, and then celebrate by buying some awesome frivolities. But no, Amusement Park and Monster Trucks are film titles in addition to bullet points on Mark Cuban’s list of stocking-stuffers. Paramount reshuffled the release dates for these films and more in a big press release yesterday, setting a course for the studio’s animated offering for the rest of the decade.

The third feature-length SpongeBob SquarePants movie has been set for February 8, 2019. The follow-up to this year’s fabulously successful Sponge Out of Water (a $315.9 million box-office receipt is nothing to sneeze at) and 2004’s The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie will rejoin the helium-voiced cleaning implement and his undersea pals with all major voice actors returning, bringing Squidward, Sandy, Patrick, and Mr. Krabs to theaters to the delight of children nationwide once more.

Next up on Paramount’s docket is their adaptation of the heartrending French literary staple The Little Prince, set for a March 18 release in 2016. Kung Fu Panda director Mark Osborne headed up this animated take on Antoine de Saint-Exupery’s original story, with Jeff Bridges, Marion Cotillard, Paul Rudd, James Franco, and Benicio del Toro contributing their vocal work. The trailer has already gotten some viewers choked up with emotion over the gentle sadness of the film and nostalgia for high school French class.

The Little Prince was only able to take that slot in the first place because Paramount pushed their Monster Trucks property back in the queue yet again. The film was set for May 29, 2015 (a day that has already happened), then moved to December 25 of this year, then moved again to March 18, 2016, and now the studio has finally settled on January 13, 2017. Don’t forget to check back in next week when Paramount announces that they have rescheduled Monster Trucks once more for a release shortly following the end of days.

Amusement Park, a film that will presumably revolve around an amusement park, has been slated for March 22, 2019. Under the tutelage of Toy Story directing animator Dylan Brown, the film feature the vocal stylings of Matthew Broderick, Jennifer Garner, Jeffrey Tambor, Kenan Thompson, Ken Jeong, MIla Kunis, and John Oliver.

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