Morgan Spurlock

Morgan Spurlock Admits His Own History of Sexual Misconduct
As allegations of sexual misconduct continue to accumulate, and the misogynistic histories of some of Hollywood’s most powerful men are exposed by their brave victims, it’s surprising to see something of a reversal disrupt what has become a daily pattern: In a lengthy statement published to Twitter, documentarian Morgan Spurlock has called himself out as “part of the problem” by revealing his own history of sexual misconduct and taking responsibility for contributing to a “world of disrespect.”
‘Super Size Me 2: Holy Chicken!’ Is Headed to YouTube
It isn’t very often that a documentary becomes a hit with mainstream audiences, but that’s exactly what happened with Morgan Spurlock’s Super Size Me back in 2004. The documentary followed Spurlock on a month-long experiment in unhealthy diets, with the filmmaker eating exclusively at McDonald’s for weeks on end. The result was a smash hit: Super-Size Me grossed $11.9 million dollars  —  good for 25th all-time among documentaries  —  and even garnered an Academy Award nomination. More than that, though, is the effect the film had on the fast food industry, with publications like Refinery29 saying years later that Spurlock’s film likely helped companies “increase consumer awareness of size, as well as ingredients and nutrition.”
Morgan Spurlock’s ‘Rats’ Trailer Will Make You Fear Toilets
Remember the documentary Super Size Me, that made you never want to eat anything ever again? Well, Morgan Spurlock is back, baby, and now he’s planning on making you afraid of a whole bunch of other things. The trailer for his new documentary Rats is edited like a horror movie, showcasing terrifying images of the havoc rats wreak on major cities across the world, and the preventative measures humans have taken to try to stop them. If you like rats, maybe don’t watch this trailer. If you don’t like rats... well, you probably shouldn’t watch it either.
‘Mansome’ Trailer: Watch Jason Bateman And Will Arnett Man Up
Documentary filmmaker Morgan Spurlock has been on a tear as of late, researching the location of terrorist leader Osama Bin Laden, exploring the omnipotence of product placement in pop culture, and embracing the geek community that convenes on San Diego for Comic-Con each year. But his latest film asks one of the most difficult questions our society has yet to answer: What makes a man?
Morgan Spurlock Interview: The Director Talks His Comic-Con Documentary
A few weeks ago we spoke to Morgan Spurlock for his latest documentary, 'Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fan's Hope', a film that captures the heart of Comic-Con culture and its diehard attendees. To get this film made, Spurlock was backed by four of today's biggest pop culture geeks: Stan Lee, Joss Whedon ('The Avengers'), Harry Knowles (of Ain't It Cool News), and Thomas Tull (executive producer of 'The