Remember the documentary Super Size Me, that made you never want to eat anything ever again? Well, Morgan Spurlock is back, baby, and now he’s planning on making you afraid of a whole bunch of other things. The trailer for his new documentary Rats is edited like a horror movie, showcasing terrifying images of the havoc rats wreak on major cities across the world, and the preventative measures humans have taken to try to stop them. If you like rats, maybe don’t watch this trailer. If you don’t like rats... well, you might not want to watch it either.

Rats premiered this week during the Midnight Madness section at TIFF and is inspired by Robert Sullivan’s bestselling book Rats: Observations on the History & Habitat of the City’s Most Unwanted Inhabitants. It brings viewers face-to-snout with our least-favorite houseguests from New York to Mumbai, while looking into our complicated relationship with the creatures. The trailer is narrated by a friendly exterminator who lets us know that rats will swim up into our toilet bowls and twist when they bite, and that their intelligence and poison-resistance will make them the inheritors of the Earth. He must be fun at parties. 

In a statement after the documentary was announced, Spurlock said:

As a New Yorker, I’ve had a two decade long love/hate affair with rats.  We’ve all seen them, and we all live with them, we just don’t want to know we’re living with them. This movie is going to be a modern day horror film – it will make you squirm, scream & jump out of your chair. You may not like rats, but you’ll love this movie.

If you dig the thought of sitting through 84 minutes of the history of our furry nemeses, Rats premieres on the Discovery Channel on October 22nd, 2016, just in time for Halloween. How fitting.

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