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‘San Andreas 2’ Will Shake Up the Future Release Calendar
How do you top destroying the entire West Coast of the United States in an earthquake? (That wasn’t a rhetorical question. The guys who’ve been hired to write a sequel to San Andreas need to figure out a way to top destroying the entire West Coast and they’re looking for ideas...
Showtime's 'Billions' Officially Renewed for Season 2
It’d take quite a flop for hotshot premium cable dramas not to earn a Season 2 pickup these days, and Showtime’s Billions isn’t exactly hurting for cash. Following a major debut for the network, the high-stakes financial drama has been confirmed for a second season to air in 2017.
'Shameless' S6 and 'Billions' to Premiere Early Online
The well seems to have run pretty dry for new TV in 2015, so Showtime will step in to give its 2016 lineup an early jump. Not only will Shameless fans be able to catch the Season 6 premiere as early as New Years Day, and without a Showtime subscription at that, but so too will the network release high-powered finance drama Billions ahead of schedule.
Showtime's 'Billions' Gets January Premiere, New Trailer
Just before Comic-Con 2015, Showtime’s Damian Lewis-Paul Giamatti financial drama Billions opened up the books for its first trailer, and with the network on the march at TCA, we know have a full premiere with a brand-new trailer. Billions will debut alongside Shameless Season 6 in 2016, but when?

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