Michael C. Hall Is in for a 'Dexter' Revival
The possibility of a Dexter revival has been whispered for some time, and it might be surprisingly easy to get star Michael C. Hall onboard. The erstwhile Bay Harbor Butcher says enough time has passed that he’s willing to return, and all it will take is a solid pitch.
Has Kyle MacLachlan Settled the 'Twin Peaks' Movie-TV Debate?
Art is by its very nature subjective, and the effort to classify art equally so. Some might argue, for instance, that Showtime’s Twin Peaks aired on television in episodic installments, and is therefore unmistakably TV. A number of year-end movie critics’ lists beg to differ, however, and now Kyle MacLachlan himself is getting in on the great debate.
'Twin Peaks' Alternate Reality Revival Ending Explained
We may never return to Twin Peaks for answers on that head-scratching finale, but co-creator Mark Frost’s new book has just what we need. Where yesterday brought clues to Audrey’s mysterious predicament, new passages reveal a key time-travel component of Coop and Laura Palmer’s excellent adventure.
Lin-Manuel Miranda's 'Kingkiller Chronicle' Coming to Showtime
It’s been almost a year since we first heard that national treasure Lin-Manuel Miranda would bring Patrick Rothfuss’ best-selling Kingkiller Chronicle to both movies and TV, and it’s finally Showtime for the latter. The premium network has officially snatched up a Kingkiller adaptation, setting Miranda to executive produce and – what else – write music.

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